Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley
Enterprize Zone

45-125 Smurr Street, Ste. A
Indio, CA 92201



When you provide the voucher application(s) to our office, we will need the following:

1.) Voucher application (completely filled out by employer)
2.) Supporting document (based on the qualifying criteria)
3.) A check in the amount of $75.00 * for each voucher application that you submit (non-refundable).

Each submitted application is non-refundable (A $25.00 Fee will assessed for NSF Check) Make Check payable to: Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone

For Targeted Employment Area verification (Category K on the voucher application) please see the approved census tracts.

For income category D on the voucher application you will need to provide the Income Verification Worksheet.

Our staff is more than happy to assist you in the vouchering process. Feel free to contact our offices at (760) 391-5176.

Please submit the voucher application, supporting document and check to: Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone Authority 45-125 Smurr St., Suite A., Indio, CA 92201

Declaration:By submitting a voucher application, the employer declares that (1) the company is engaged in a trade or business within the enterprise zone, and, where applicable, (2) the company provided priority for employment to an individual who is enrolled in a qualified program under the federal Job Training Partnership Act or the Greater Avenues for Independence Act of 1985 or who is eligible as a member of a targeted group under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or its successor.

The Coachella Valley is one of the fastest growing regions in
Southern California, and offers an ideal location to live, work and play!